Thursday, August 6, 2009

Check this out!

WOW! I'm still in shock... I made the Fonder Circle. Top demo of the year #46... wow that is what they told me tonight at awards night. What a highlight in my Stampin'Up career... cruise is a big one but Founder Circle is the cherries on top of it:) Check out the pictures....
Celebrate! With my peeps!
Cruising time.... Me and Glenda my cruising buddy from last year and for the next one in May :) So glad we'll cruise again!
Jenny's flip flop but I claim them for cruising...Check out the bubbles:)
Founder Circle #40 to #49 Can you find the french one:)
France Martin
France Martin

So in short I'm a child of God, a wife, a mom, sister (4 girls in my family no brother but many brother in law), love the outdoor and YES a Stampin'Up! demo of 13 plus years and still counting. That is me in a nut shell.


  1. Wow France, Congratulations!!!!!! It looks like you are having way to much fun.. lol. Can't wait to see you on Monday night.

  2. Way to go girl!!! I am happy for you = )


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