Monday, September 21, 2009

Founder's Circle 2009

This is only a few pictures of My little trip of founder circle. I was unable to be there for all 5 days but the little was great!

Sweet..... was all over, sweet this sweet that it was such a great time!

This was the last night pillow gift and it is so pretty....Butterfly charm.

Shelli Gardner Co-Founder of Stampin'Up and I have to say the perfect Boss for Me!

Angie "Chic and Scratch" one of my favorite blog to check!
Patty Bennett and I.... another blog that I don't go to bed without checking...
This will be my new soccer shoes.... In the back it say Stampin'Up so perfect advertising!

France Martin
France Martin

So in short I'm a child of God, a wife, a mom, sister (4 girls in my family no brother but many brother in law), love the outdoor and YES a Stampin'Up! demo of 13 plus years and still counting. That is me in a nut shell.

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