Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Jenny Carnial...

Like my Christmas Cranial? I got the main idea from Jenny one of my team member... but if you relay know me you know I had to change some thing:) Love him so be ready for Scrapbook next month we'll make a page with him on it.

Hope I can get my video done sometime today...I don't know what going on with that thing. So keep checking for the video 5 technique in 5 minutes!

France Martin
France Martin

So in short I'm a child of God, a wife, a mom, sister (4 girls in my family no brother but many brother in law), love the outdoor and YES a Stampin'Up! demo of 13 plus years and still counting. That is me in a nut shell.

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  1. cardinal - what was his mother thinking naming him Jenny? - his beak is upside down - and he is PRICELESS! Wish I lived closer, I'd come and make a scrapbook page with you and Eu-jenny (Eugene) :)


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