Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Name that "Punch"

Good day Stampers,
Well I couldn't resist but to sneak in my craft room for a little bit today. I wanted to make this cards the minute that I saw it but I didn't have the TIME. Where did I saw it? I think it was on the cruise but it could a been on a blog before the cruise, I'm not sure. You know me... when I see something that I like I have to make it right away and this was in my mind for a week so now it is time for you to play a game "Name that tune but really it's name that punch"

So the game is on> tell me what punch you think that I use for this card. Just leave me a comment and take a guess.
Have fun playing.


  1. Hi!
    I think you used the punch name in french "Passereau deux ├ętapes extra large". With this punch, you make a bird.
    Good Day from Quebec.

  2. Hi France, I think the petals on the flower are made from the wing from the bird punch.

  3. The flower is really cool I think that you used the body part of the bird from the bird punch. What a idea. Love your art work.

  4. It is the Extra Large Two-Step Bird punch. :o) VERY CUTE!

  5. used the bird punch...Nice :)

  6. In our catalogue here in England it is called "bird builder" punch,move your design.

  7. Sorry my last post was meant to say, Love your design NOT move your design.


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