Thursday, November 11, 2010

Faux Leather with a twist very antique look.

 This is so Western- Antique looking I love it. A week or two ago I show you the wolf card that I copy from my friend Glenda her video you can find that post here. I did a video on this technique but with a little twist very little change, I use my own mist-spritz to make it look more leatherish  and old. You can see all the dots and the wash out on the picture. If you wonder how to make your how spritz check the post of yesterday....I know on the video it say 2 video today but I split them for faster download. On the background on the card I use the spritz with only the water no shimmer paint to make it look old. Enjoy and till next time Happy stamping!


  1. Wow, love how you used the foam. Great card.

  2. Woowww! Thanks for sharing !!! It's beautiful !

  3. Haven't used the foam to "deboss" like for years...Great lesson renewal!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Just wondering if anyone else is having a problem with ink drying on the foam? It still transfers a day later,so although I love the look, I am reluctant to use it on a card.

  5. Hi Karen
    If you use classic in it should dry in less then a minutes
    . Mine dry very nicely. Check your ink to make sure it's classic ink. you can e-mail me if you have question I can't see your e-mail so I have to put in this comment hope you see it


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