Tuesday, August 14, 2012

MOO MOO the Cow Art Punch

 Moo Moo
I bet in cow words it's Good Day!HA
   I received a a few request on How to make a cow face with punch well you have it. Here the punch that I use: Owl Builder #118074, Blossoms Petals Builder #121808 and Large Oval #119855. Card stock White, Black and Pink Pirouette. Those stick are flavor thing to put in your milk and I found them at the groceries store by the dairy product. They have pink for strawberry flavor, Brown for chocolate and vanilla color for vanilla flavor so many of them. They are perfect to put in the kids lunch box.Well my friends this is it for for now I'm in a roll of designing new class so I better keep on going while the creativity is working. Till tomorrow happy stamping!
FYI This is my 260th video. WOW this is a lot of video. So here a question to you all. If you like my video what is your favorite and what do you like the most about my video? and what would you want me to improve on? Is it something that you would like me to make a video of? I can't wait to see your comment ...


  1. Hi Frenchie,
    Your videos are very easy to follow and I look forward to them every week.
    Thank You,
    Lesa M

  2. Frenchie, this is darling! I love all your videos so it would be hard to pick just one as my favorite. Please just keep them coming, they really make my day and TFS!

  3. I love all your videos. I learn a lot from them, but I love your voice the best. Happying stamping

  4. Great video! Too darn too! Would be cute to give the little kids the first day of school for the whole class!

  5. These are just so very cute! Thank you for the awesome video!

  6. Your videos just make my day...sometimes I actually laugh out loud and those behind me wonder why! lol. Learn oodles from your videos. Thanks Frenchie!!
    Colleen T.

  7. Ha ha! These are really cute! I like the tilted ears! 260 Videos! Wow! You are amazing!

  8. What we love: We love your voice, your excellent directions that are so easy to follow, and we love the variety of your projects. My daughter came downstairs tonight and said "Mommy, can you paint my nails while we watch a video?" and I knew she was asking for one of your videos.

    We would take a video everyday if we could!! LOL. We know you are busy but you always take time to share something with us everyday so we really can't complain too much:)

  9. That's SO CUTE!! Love it! There are a lot of things you can do with that owl punch!

  10. Frenchie, I copied the video URL for this cow to send to a couple of my friends because it's so cute!


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