Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Stampin'101 All about Meassuemnt

 Hello Friends
  Well the cards I'm sharing as noting to do with today video. 
First let's talk about the video for today Stampin'101. I been getting many e-mail about how to get the 3/8, 5/8, 13/16 and on. So in the video on my blog at I will show you how to read the fraction(each line) on the the paper trimmer, Simply Score, Envelop Punch Board and the Grid Paper. I will teach you the quarter, eights and sixteens. This sound simple for some but so confusing for so many at the same time. I'm pretty confident that after you watch the video you will understand how to read your ruler/measurement tool. Let me know if this video help you. 
Now about the top card that I decide to share was a card that I did for my friend Holy a few weeks ago when she turn to the magic 50. Purple is her favorite color so with a little a glimmer paper voila! 

 This card was the card that I share on Tina my Passport Pal last week so if you miss it here it is for you. Simple with the Blossom Punch just cut each petal a little more with scissor so you can curl the petals and then glue not much to this card but sure love the look. Well I couldn't have a post without card and I didn't have a card to show measurement so now that I put 2 cards I can go to bed and sleep good HA!  
 Again to view the video visit my blog at 
Thank YOU for your support and have a great day!


  1. Thanks for another great video!

  2. Thank You for doing this video. It was explained very well (I think) for anyone who wasn't sure before. And I like that you explained that not ALL rulers have the 1/16th markings. I think this is how people get confused sometimes...

  3. Thanks again great video I have learned so much from you! Have a great day Jill

  4. Lovely cards and a very informative video !! Great help for measuring.
    Thanks !

  5. Thanks again for the information. I know many stampers will be thankful for the help.

  6. Good to watch the video and see all the mesurement, thanks!
    I like the flower card, it's very ptetty!

  7. The birthday card is very pretty and video was helpful. Thanks.

  8. Oh Frenchie, you are a very good teacher. In Australia we use the metric system so the imperial measuring system is a mystery for me. You have explained it brilliantly. I will no longer be confusing the 16th's and 8th's and my paper will always be cut/scored in the correct spot now. No more wasted DSP/CS. Cheers Donna Z :)

  9. Happy Wednesday! Love that pink flower. Can't believe all you did was snip each petal a bit. I never think out of the box like that!
    BTW...this is my entry for today...thanks :)

  10. Hi Frenchie,
    I feel that you explained measurements quite well. My dad dabbled in carpentry and his mantra was 'measure twice, cut once'. It saved him many incorrect cuts and it's served me well with papercrafting. I make fewer mistakes in cutting when I remember to measure (twice)accurately before cutting.
    Connie Snowberger

  11. Debbie G
    Thank you for the very helpful video.
    Pretty birthday card.

  12. Thank you for sharing your tips on measuring. very helpful.
    stamping sue

  13. Thank you so much for sharing your measuring tips. So confusing sometimes. Thanks again

  14. Your videos are always such good learning tools. Thank you.

  15. Helpful video. Thanks for giveaway chance.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  16. Love the 50 card -- love the glitz -- love your videos!


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