Monday, December 7, 2009

Clean up!

Okay, you will think I'm crazy sharing this with you... but you will understand why I don't have any new project today:)

Yesterday I was trying to find some 12x12 paper and couldn't find it but I knew I had some, so here is what I did... empty everything on the floor and place everything where it should go. So here you have the proof of a big mess.

This is what hapen when a french ladies can found what she's looking for!And this is what happen after the French crazy lady found what she was looking for :)

Hope that this week I will have a video for you!
France Martin
France Martin

It's me Frenchie with a little french accent living in the United States, that loves to create and share paper crafting. Hope I inspired you to create your own creation with paper. Thank you for stopping by. Come again soon!


  1. WOW you did have a mess!! Your room looks great now. See you in a an hour or so.

  2. You clean like me France. Now that is funny.


  3. Can you share what you have your ribbon on?

  4. My ribbon are in the SU holder and some on the pants hanger. Hope this help


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