Monday, September 12, 2011

What color are these? Win a spool of ribbon....

 Hi there,
  Well are you ready for another guessing game? Last week was so much fun that I tough this would be even more fun. I took a picture on black & white and sepia and now you have to guess what are the 3 color that I use, the leaf is stamp on very vanilla and then I use 3 more color so now leave a comment with your 3 choice of color or e-mail me here I will give you 3 hint *one color is in subtles and 2 in regals, * all 3 color are some of my favorites(one is my favorites for fall, one for winter/all time, one for Christmas) * I never use that combination together but remmber I'm working on my color coach classes. You can view HERE what the color coach class is and I have to add this is a great class to learn how to use colors.  .. This time that you are correct or not, just for playing along your name will be enter to win a roll of ribbon grosgrain striped pumpkin pie. I will take all guess now till Wednesday and announce the winner Friday. Good Luck!
Play the guessing game to have the chance to win the ribbon. Good Luck!
 Do you know what that is? Well it's call a Sundog. Never herd of that till last Friday. I was watching my kids play tennis and my daughter was keep on putting her hand in her face and looking up at the sky....well she came to tell us to look at the rainbow around the sun man I got blinded a few time before I could see it. You have to blog the direct sun with you hand then you can see the rainbow circle around the sun this don't happen often but Friday was perfect. My husband was at the match and he said it's a Sundog we (parents watching the match) said what/ Sundog? we all thought he was crazy but one of the dad had a smart phone and he Google Sundog and yap he was right plus he told us when is flying he see them more often then we can see then on earth, I guess those pilot see many thing that we don't even when we are flying we just have that little window but they have the big view. Google explain "  
A sundog is a rainbow-like spot in a cirrus cloud. Light shining through ice crystals in the cloud makes a sundog, much like light shining through raindrops makes a rainbow. "They are reddish on the side facing the sun and often have bluish-white tails stretching horizontally away from them," say David Lynch and William Livingston in Color and Light in Nature.

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France Martin
France Martin

It's me Frenchie with a little french accent living in the United States, that loves to create and share paper crafting. Hope I inspired you to create your own creation with paper. Thank you for stopping by. Come again soon!


  1. Well, from your description of the 3 colors of the Sweet Set on Perfect Plum, 1 subtle and 2 regals I would have to say Perfect Plum,Riding Hood Red & More Mustard. That is my first guess and I found another one but won't say. LOL, I'll go with the first one.But I think both sets would be some thing you like in choise of colors. Hope I'm right! If not it was fun looking it up on my Color Coach anyway. Mary L.

  2. I'm going to guess so saffron, more mustard and cherry cobbler. I was first thinking night of navy, but I think you'd use cherry cobbler with leaves if the other two are correct, so I changed to cherry cobbler.
    Neat to know on the sun dogs. I've never heard of them either. And yes, I've heard many stories of things pilots see, it's amazing! Fun contest, and thanks for the photo and info on the sun dog.

  3. This is fun!
    I guess the three colors are: Cajun Craze, Perfect Plum & Always Artichoke.

    Lauren Y.

  4. Lets try So. Saffron, Cherry Cobbler and Always Artichoke. They remind me of the colors of leaves on the trees in our yard.

  5. My guess is Always Artichoke, Cajun Craze and So Saffon. This is fun, thanks for letting me play along!

  6. My guess is Cajun Craze, More Mustard and I would add So Saffron for 3 colors on the leaf. Thanks for all you share! Glenda J

  7. Always Artichoke, Cajun Craze, and So Saffron would be my guess. What fun!! Love your blog.
    Judy B.

  8. My guess is Cajun Craze, More Mustard, and Wild Wasabi.


  9. My guess would be, more mustard, cajun craze and chocolate chip.



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