Monday, October 8, 2012

Video on Soot Greeting Card

 Hello my Blogger Friends
   First before I get started I would like to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian Friends and Family. When I was at home growing up Thanksgiving was not a big celebration like here in the US the reason was that it was harvest time so it was in the field picking potatoes. Mom did the big meal on Sunday but nothing like here in the US. Maybe many place in Canada celebrate in big but not where I was raise. This time of the year is the busy time for potatoes harvest. But this doesn't matter I still want to wish a Happy thanksgiving to all the Canadian out there. Gobble Gobble t'ill you Wobble.
  Okay now about the card and video (for video visit my blog at to view) that I'm sharing today. Well yesterday I told you it will be a HOT one well know you know why we need a candle and yes a cheep one for this Soot technique. You will see in the video all the steps if you try this at home please have water by you in case your paper catch on firer. What you will need is a cheep candle, Glossy paper # 102599 and a stamp set of your choice, I prefer a detail stamp set for this technique and on this one I use Clockworks on page 105. This is with out the color in the background Friday I will have another video on Color Soot. This is perfect for my Masculine Monday don't you think.
 The top card I use Vanilla and Soft Sued and the bottom one I use Basic Black and Basic Gray.
 Well my friends this is it for today and I will be back tomorrow with another video :) so yes 3 video this week just because I had 4 days off from school so I did many video. It's so much easier for me to shoot a video instead of trying to explain my self in words :0) Well have a great day!

France Martin
France Martin

It's me Frenchie with a little french accent living in the United States, that loves to create and share paper crafting. Hope I inspired you to create your own creation with paper. Thank you for stopping by. Come again soon!


  1. This is definitely a perfect masculine card. What a clever technique. I would have never thought of using soot!

  2. I have been wanting to try this for a while... I will have to go buy the candles and the spray... ;-)

    I love your videos, thank you!
    PS: are you from Quebec or the maritimes... I have my guess, cuz I think I recognize your accent? ;-)

  3. Instead of expensive sealer spray, I always use hairspray. It is just as good a sealer for chalk designs and I'm sure it would work for this technique too. I'll try it and let you know x

  4. What a cool technique! I've never seen anything like this before and it's wonderful. I like the spots on there where the edges got burned, I think the look is great with that bit of distressed edge look. Can't wait to see how the colored is done. Thanks!


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