Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Happy Mail Day no bill but Cards :) I challenge you to send a card today!

 Good Day my friends
  OH! Happy days when you stop at the mail box to find CARDS and no bill :) I love it. This are some of the cards that I got in the mail this pass week...some are Thank you card and some are congrats card. Thank YOU so much for putting a smiles on my face. We forget how fun it is to get a card in the mail so my challenge to you today is go in your craft room and send a card to someone you didn't talk to for a long time....suprise them with a card. Lets spread the JOY. I would love to here who will take me up on this challence leave me a comment and see how many smile we'll create in one day.
Lets go create!
Thank YOU so much for your support. 
Top card created by Jennifer
 Created by Cynthia She was the last winner of the mystery host :)

 Created by Pamela
 Created by Liz
Created by Mary
I'm a lucky girl getting all these beautiful card in the mail :) thank you so much.
Now let get the creation beging and lets see how many will take me up on this challenge.
Have a great day

France Martin
France Martin

It's me Frenchie with a little french accent living in the United States, that loves to create and share paper crafting. Hope I inspired you to create your own creation with paper. Thank you for stopping by. Come again soon!


  1. Hi Frenchie,

    I just wanted you to know I just sent out a thank you
    card today to a friend!!

  2. I sent out 3 cards today. One to a friend who won't be in our carpool to chorus anymore and I'll miss our "leg" of the trip we drove together on. The other 2 cards were for twin sisters through the Chemo Angel program. I know they will be happy to get the cards and that puts a smile on my face !!!

  3. Hi Frenchie, I send out cards all the time just sent out birthday card yesterday to a new friend. if you email me your snail address I would be very happy to send a card to you!
    stamping sue

  4. Hi Frenchie
    I just sent out back to school cards to my grandkids. Wow was I surprised to see my card up on your blog. A friend called to say why haven't you sent me that card. So I will be making the butterfly card and sending it to WI.
    Thanks so much for all you do and glad you enjoyed getting a card sent to you.


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