Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Stampin'101 Clear Stamp on Acrylic Block

Hello Friends 
   Let's start with a question.
Are you a clear stamp or wood stamp kinda of stamper?
 For me I'm a wood kinda of stamper but I own both about 50/50 if you look at my collection. The main reason that I prefer wood it is for the speed and convenience that when I want to stamp it right there waiting on me and while the clear I have to take the time to put them on clear block and when you stamp lots and lots like I do it put a "slow down" in my style to switch the stamp on the block. But I have to admit I love how you see where you stamp and the storage that is a big plus for the clear one. So I own both most of the Holiday are clear and wood for the one that I know I will use lots but I got fool more then once buying stamp that I was thinking I will not use them often and I use it all the time......
So today Stampin'101 is a big solution for your clear stamp. Many ask me how to keep them on the clear block so they will not fall off well first your block need to be CLEAN, the Perfectly Placed Guide #121785 help lots. Someone once told me to apply a light coat of 2-way glue #100425 and let dry would do the trick and I try it and it is a miracle work. When I was getting ready for the big fundraiser last month I was panicking with the clear stamp falling so I decided to apply the 2-way and man oh man it was perfect NONE of them fell off the clear block. You will see in the video on my blog at how quick and easy to apply the 2-way glue. Just apply a light coat and let dry. I bet you are wondering how often you need to do this well the answer is unknown at this time cause it's still working great. So my guest is it will last a long time.  

All these lovely cards that I did last week is to welcome my new team member. I stamp with the Stippled Blossoms that I have in clear and they didn't fell off once so wonderful.
Talking about  my team .....
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Thank YOU and Welcome to Stephanie B and Vanessa F who join this week.
Have a great week.
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Video on Stampin 101 on my blog 


France Martin
France Martin

It's me Frenchie with a little french accent living in the United States, that loves to create and share paper crafting. Hope I inspired you to create your own creation with paper. Thank you for stopping by. Come again soon!


  1. super tip now more mumbling and complaining and best yet no more ruined cards

  2. Thank You soooo much for this very informative video. Oh and I was a SU demo for 4 years and I never knew that about the Stampin' Scrub!!!

  3. Thanks for the info!!! Great tip!!!

  4. I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your almost daily videos! They are so informative and you also give tips on using products, which I appreciate. Here's a tip: Your blocks will go in the dishwasher. I wonder if the Stampin' Scrub mats would too???

  5. Love this idea. I have been using this tip for years and they last for a long time. Another tip that I use when I do classes, is put two way glue on a clear block, let dry and then attach the stamps. Everyone uses this and they love it because it is so convenient. Also I cut a piece of acetate the size of the block and I put a little star sticker on the acetate with the 2 way glue and i keep them in a box. This keeps the block separate and ready to go. Just remove the acetate, stamp and then put it back. Have fun.


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