Friday, April 4, 2014

Pop' Cuts for Fraduation and video

 Hello Friends 
   What do you thing of this card? Well I didn't make this card, it was made by Rolanda Patton I felt in love with this card the minute that I got it in a swap and if I remember correct it was last year in Fiji on our incentive trip with Stampin'Up! Last week or so I share the Pop 'Cut Birthday card with the Label and many ask for a video on how to use that big die (card base with the dress and label inset) well I was planing on doing a video and I really loved Rolanda card so I ask her permission to showcase her card and she said YES! so in the video you will see how to use the Pop 'n Cut die. Before you get started please note that you need the Card Base Pop 'n Cuts #130099 then you choose the Label #130160 or the Dress Form #130100. Here what you will need to either one 
  • Big Shot #113439
  • Extended Crease Pad #117630
  • Extended Cutting Pads #113478
  • Card Base Pop n' Cuts #130099
  • One of the insert Label #130160. Dress Form #130100
Stamp set that she use for the graduation card is Pure Gumption page 52 w#132067 c#126317 and Feel Good page 25 w#131916 c#129684
For the video visit my blog at 
Thank you all for your support and thank you to Rolanda for swaping this lovely card. THANK YOU 

 To view the post and more picture of the Birthday card with the Pop 'n Cut Label CLICK HERE.
FYI on the phone situation well it was little lie I was traveling to Canada to surprise my Mom for her 75th Birthday and I didn't want to mention nothing on my blog so no one would see this back home and ask question to Mom about me visiting and bust the surprise. I left Tuesday spend the night in Boston Airport :( 9:45 hr in between flights then I spend one night at one of my sister till my other sister from London, Ont. arrived so we could surprise her at the same time. We are 4 girls in the family and this is the best thing we could give mom for her 75th b-day be all together :) The last time we been all together was back in 2003 so it don't happen often that we can manage our schedule to be all together. That is the price you pay when you move far away from home.  I have 2 sister in the same town "Village"and then one in London Ont. about 16 hr away from mom. Well I will give you more update when I find time and internet connection. Mom doesn't have internet so I only check e-mail when I stop at one of my sister for a quick cup of coffee so if you trying to reach me please do so by e-mail till Tuesday. 
Thank YOU all for your support. Enjoy today tomorrow is not a promise. 

France Martin
France Martin

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  1. Frenchie, Your videos are always full of tips, tricks, and good ideas! Thank you for the time and energy you put into them.
    I am thrilled for you that you are with your sisters celebrating the gift of your Mother! What a beautiful blessing! Enjoy every moment, Friend!

  2. I really like the card. Thanks for sharing. Hope you and your sisters have a fabulous time celebrating your mom's birthday!


  4. I love that you and your sisters are able to surprise your mom like that! Sending wishes for a very happy birthday to your mom and that you all have a wonderful time together! Thank you for all of your videos and tips, you rock!!


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