Sunday, April 12, 2015

Celebrate Pink
Helping women with breast cancer

 Hello Friends, Yes it is Hello :)
  OH! what a great day it was yesterday. We raise $2435.00 for Celebrate Pink with people from 4 states CO, NE, SD and WY. Many ask me what is celebrate pink well it is a none profitable organization here in Cheyenne WY that help women that are undergoing treatment with breast cancer you can visit their site HERE
We did our fist fundraiser last year and decided that it will be a annual  thing for our team.  Our team had 3 ladies with breast cancer in the same year so it was the perfect fit. It is amazing how many people help me with this event this year I'm so thankful for everyone that pitch in THANK YOU and THANK YOU to all 42 attendees without all of you this wouldn't happen. Know that it was more then stamping that took place yesterday YOU made a difference in many life.... again THANK YOU *I will not name all our donator afraid to miss someone at this time of night but trust me I/we appreciate all of you that donate for our raffle and time to get get this event so successful. 
Now I will share a few cards and a few picture of the event before I hit the pillow :).

Before the event many hours of prep was put into place this is only one of the picture of the prep work. I'm so grateful for these ladies :)

This is Cindy with her beautiful and yummy Pink Candy Bar. I'm still in shock with all the pink candy and beautiful set up she done for our fundraiser.
 Yes we had a great crowd, a full house..... so much fun!

 Someone was a little excited to win the pink afghan donated from Katleen all the way from VA. we had 11 basket for raffle it was very exciting.......
 Cindy the Vice President of Celebrate Pink accepting the lovely check of 2435.00 that we raise Again THANK YOU to all who donate and participate/travel many miles to attend with all of you this wouldn't happen. Thank YOU for making a difference .
This year only 3 survivor that attend and all 3 cut the cake for us. Congrats ladies for the good fight and best of luck. May God keep you safe.

I have more picture but for some reason my Ipad is not cooperating and I  think it is a sign for me to hit the pillow

Have a great Sunday you all and again Thank You!
France Martin
France Martin

It's me Frenchie with a little french accent living in the United States, that loves to create and share paper crafting. Hope I inspired you to create your own creation with paper. Thank you for stopping by. Come again soon!


  1. Congratulations on all your hard work. What an amazing accomplishment to give back such a large amount of money.

  2. what a great card and a wonderful cause. I am a six year survivor and cards and friends always make things better.


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