Wednesday, October 28, 2015

What's happening at Frenchie

 Hello Friends 
   Well no creation for today.... Just an update with the move. 
It started with a challenge the big semi truck was not able to make it to our house so they had to transfer to the U-Hall (small load and it would a take many of them) then come to the house well that didn't last long the driver said he will make it work WOW amazing on the narrow street and no place to turn around so when it was time to leave he had to go in reverse for about a mile well he sure did make it work :) In about 6 hours the truck was all unload and in the house but now it is the fun of unpacking..... So here a few picture of what is waiting for me
 This is my craft room and only about 1/4 of the box are in the rest are stack up in the living room great thing that the furniture for the living room and dinning room will just arrive in mid November so I have place to unpack and such. Brett my hubby been working this week so yes I was along with this but he will be back tomorrow and set my furniture in my craft room Thursday so I can start unpacking that room on Friday I'm guessing.... lets hope he got is fast gear on :) cause I been waiting a LONGGGG time or maybe I should say I been without my stamp for a long time.

OH! the kitchen I been working on that all day on my feet since 6 AM and at one time I was looking for the fire extinguisher * I though my feet was on fire hahah  Still not done with the kitchen plus I don't have lots of dishes I can't imagine if I would have that fancy stuff NO China or any fancy thing but it take a long time to unpack, wash then put away not to forget change from one draw to another :) See shadow was exhausted of all the commotion I don't blame him a bit I just want to lay on the floor with him :) but instead I order a pizza and we I share with him so that was a great break for both of us and he was wagging is tail after he got fed. Silly me I forgot to feed him and myself it was about 4:30 when I realize my belly was growling at me.  

YAP the living room full of stamping gear :) yes I have lots of stamping STUFF after all that his my job right :)

I was doing some dishes and look up in the window and WOW it was a amazing sunset so I took a cup of sweet tea * that is the drink of the south right and sit on the front porch for a little brake and yes it was well deserve and such a pretty view, I sure did enjoy my 10 minute break!

Well my friends this wrap it up for me now, tomorrow I hope to empty lots and lots of boxes. The best feeling of the day is right now sitting on my OWN bed writing this post and I have to say nothing better then your own bed with fresh clean sheet so night night Y'All from Livingston Texas 

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France Martin
France Martin

It's me Frenchie with a little french accent living in the United States, that loves to create and share paper crafting. Hope I inspired you to create your own creation with paper. Thank you for stopping by. Come again soon!


  1. Boy , do I remember my moving days. Take it slow and steady. Do not over work yourself. Have missed you and your beautiful face. See you soon.

  2. Gret job to that driver getting thea Semi in and out of your property! They wouldn't have a CDL Liscence if they couldn't pull something like this off but I'm very impressed! Love the house and your trees France! Beautiful view! Many many chores to do oh my! And you're all alone, well you have a little friend there but he's not un packing a thing! Good luck! Glad the bed was up and made so you could get some rest! Thanks for your update!

  3. Good Morning Frenchie, I hope you had a great night's sleep in your own bed; too bad Brett was away for your first night. Thanks for sharing you house with us. I like to picture where people are working from. I'm so glad you took a "sunset" break and enjoyed your new view. Have a great day.

  4. So glad you made it to TX and that most of your furniture is in the house. Now the fun begins. Thanks for sharing pictures of your new home. Like Nance said I like to picture where people are working from. The evening view is spectacular. Take time to enjoy it. Now we want to see your stamping studio when it is up and running! Enjoy the moment.

  5. Thank you for sharing your move-in story with us. You are such a colorful writer. I can't believe you still have a sense of humor after all you have had to endure with this move. What a beautiful view you have. I'm sure you will have many wonderful evenings sitting on your porch. Take it slow and easy with the unpacking and don't forget to eat!

  6. Glad to see your all moved in! You had a good driver there! My husband use to do that at one point in his life and he ran into situations like that, he would say they told me I couldn't get the truck in to a drive way and I would show them how it's done LOL! So glad he was up on his game! Makes it sooo much easier! I know you can't wait to have all this put behind you but take it easy, it will get done soon enough! Enjoy your sunsets and home it looks beautiful! Good Luck there.Don't forget to post the finished results ;) Hugs, Mary L. (NC)

  7. So happy that you shared your new adventure with us! After reading your post and the part about you enjoying that gorgeous view, I'm reminded to take a moment to stop and smell the roses! If you need help with posts during this time, maybe you could ask your blog readers to email their favorite winter holiday SU creations to you.

  8. I'm glad I won't have to be moving, at least I hope not. When we moved into this house we said the next move was either the cemetery or a nursing home. Can't imagine moving far like you did, we have a business too and it's like moving 2 homes instead of 1. Take your time, it will get done. Can't wait to see your new space all tricked out.

  9. Lovely Home, Frenchie! What a beautiful view out your kitchen window!
    Wow, you have a lake out your back yard...I take it that's your back yard. I think it's fun & exciting to move into a new place & plan everything. Good luck. I'm sure you will do well! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Welcome to Texas, Frenchie!! Your home looks lovely. If you could see past all the woods while looking out at your sunset you would see me waving at you about 1 hour southwest of you. Look on the map where Navasota and Magnolia are - I am in between them.

    When you are all settled and looking for some new Texas Friends, let me know and we can meet somewhere for lunch.

    I love how the dog was worn out from the move. Cute

  11. Your new home looks beautiful; inside and out! Great craft room, so I will look at yours,
    and dream... I adore your "Shadow" dog. He looks so warm and friendly. Best wishes in your new home. Merci, Cindi


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