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 Hello stampers 
   Well today is very different post. It is all about tip on how to make room for new stamp in your room. Note that these tip will not be the best for the collector it is gear for the one that need to make room for new stamps and are not sure witch one to sell or give away.  Plus in the video I share a great tip for your cloth closet :) 

I have a video for you that you can find at the bottom of my blog post today on my blog HERE. ***If you are getting my post by e mail some server will NOT include the video so make sure to visit my blog to get all detail or you can always find my video on my You Tube Channel.
Organize stamp set, Stampin'Up!

Now if you look closely at my stamp set I have a different color sticker with a number. That is how I classified my stamp sets. **Note it is not up to date this video was shoot right after the new catalog come out so I still have to update for this year. I been traveling to much this summer but it is on my to do list. Last year it was awesome all color coded. 
The way that I separate or label my stamp are in this categories
- No Name (they are the one that I have no section and don't goes in the other section I have only a few of them at no name) 

The number on the color sticker is the page number from the catalog. Plus with color sticker when it come to put a stamp away I know where it goes plus I been doing this for a few hear so I know when I need flower to look for the green sticker, Birthday pink and so on.  
Okay now that you got my take on this please feel free to leave a comment on how you store yours and what you like about your system and such I am sure many would love to hear different way to organize. Thank YOU in advance for sharing. 
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Have a great day 

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Have a lovely day!

France Martin
France Martin

It's me Frenchie with a little french accent living in the United States, that loves to create and share paper crafting. Hope I inspired you to create your own creation with paper. Thank you for stopping by. Come again soon!


  1. Thanks girlfriend...great video!...B!

  2. Great solutions Frenchie! I especially need to incorporate the closet solution. I just keep thinking, "I'm going to lose that 10 pounds I gained!"

  3. Great idea-I just need someone to come and pry them out of my hands when I second guess myself! Getting ready for a sale so this is perfect timing, too!😉👍

  4. Great categories for sorting stamp sets. I have been struggling with how to categorize. You have made it easy. I tend to hoard my stamp sets even after they are no longer available. I always feel like I need them for my personal stamping......Thank you for the suggestions....

  5. Frenchie that was a super video and I also love the idea of the colored stickers to itemize birthday, flower, etc. Would sure save time from looking. Your such a great helper!

  6. Great suggestion. I wish I had a problem with too many stamps. I'm just starting out and need to build a. Ole tigon but will definitely use your great idea. Thx!

  7. First of all, I can't part with any of my stamps. 😊 But I do have a tip to share. I bought a package of neon colored dots (or 3 ring hole reinforcers). I put a green one on the end of the sets that have a matching die.... a pink dot on the ends of those that have a matching punch... an orange one one the ends that have a matching embossing folder.

  8. Loved the video, Frenchie. Great idea for my closet too! I used to buy just about every stamp in the catalogs. The last few years, I've been trying to be more selective and asking myself "will I use this once it retires?". If there's a light hesitation in my answer, I don't buy it. What I do get rid of, I first offer to my customers and friends, at a reduced price. This year I did a BOGO and it really increased my sales, so much that I made the accelerator for the first time. What doesn't go (I give them 2 months to buy what they want), the rest goes on eBay. What doesn't sell after that goes into a grab bag at my yearly Christmas party. Everyone goes home with at least 1 or 2 gifts. It's a great way to purge and then if I REALLY miss the stamp, I can always borrow it from them. HA HA !! :-)

  9. Great tip for stamp set organization! Where did you get the white shelves your stamps are on? They are perfect for holding the stamp cases!

  10. Frenchie,
    I love your tips. This will be so helpful to me.


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