Q & A to Join my team/Stampin'Up!

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
(Join my team)

FYI all month of May 2018 You can choose new product, new color and more that is NOT release to customer till June 1st but only to demo and if you choose to join my team/Stampin'Up! you can pick from that special selection. When you at the place to enter your choice of product click on the New 2018-2019 products and you will see the entire list of the selection that you can choose from that is NOT release yet. Make sure you click next page and on lots of new product to choose from. 

·        What am I getting for my $99.00?
o   $125.00 in merchandise of your choice from any of the active catalogs/products 
o   No shipping charges, it will be ship to you for free 10% saving

·        Stay Active or Not?
o   $300 is all it takes to stay active on a calendar quarter
§  Ie: if you sign up in May/2018, this quarter does not count.  Your first quarter does not end until Sept, 30st/2018.

·        Do I have to host workshops?
o   No you do not have to host workshops

·        Do I have to sell to other people?
o   No you do not have to sell to other people, you can be your own best customer

·        What is my discount/instant income
o   Always starts at 20% and can be as high as 38% (instant income)

·        New products
o   Be the first to try new products in the new catalogs. *Annual catalog May for demo and customer is June
o   You can pre-order from the new catalogs, occasion, Holiday catalog one month in advance

·        Stamping rewards Benefits
o   If your order qualifies for Stamping rewards benefits, you will receive them in addition to your 20% instant income

·        Business or Hobby?
o   that decision is entirely up to you.
o   A great way to make additional income doing what you love

·        What if I do not meet the quarterly minimum?
o   You will be dropped as a demonstrator and you become my customer again
o   The merchandise is yours to keep!

·        Were you a demonstator and want to re-join Stamping Up?

o   If you were a demonstrator under me and dropped you may rejoin my team immediately.
o   If you were a demonstrator under another upline and want to join my team you will need to wait 90 days after you dropped. So if you became inactive last July you can join NOW. Team Leader is inactive you do not need to wait the 90 days period.

·        Optional additions
o   Monthly meetings, if you are out of town the minutes are emailed to you plus live online monthly meeting for FREE
o   Monthly challenge: I will provide you with an item from the catalog to make a card
o   Quarterly swap: you make 12 cards and get 12 cards in return
o   I am here for you…phone calls are returned within 24 hours 307-220-0063 or 936-646-2070 and e-mail at frenchiestamps@hotmail.com 
Please always fell free to contact me with any question or concern I'm here for you and would love to have part of Frenchie's Team!!! 

Ready to JOIN CLICK HERE to join Frenchie's team/ Stampin'Up! www.frenchiestamps.com

Video to show how to sign up ↓

I ask my teammate what they like the most about being a demo and our team. 
Here are some testimony 

Kathleen said 
"I love Stampin Up because I can choose to be a hobbyist or commit to business, part time or full time. I love Frenchie’s team because we are family, who love, pray, and care for each other. Our famous world-class leader mothers us but doesn’t smother us. I have made so many life-long friends, how blessed is that?"
Verna said 
"If you are looking to either get a discount on your hobby or want to make a business and add income to your bank account, this is the place to be. Frenchie is available to help, teach and encourage you all the way. Frenchie's Team is like a family and does not have pressure put on anyone. S.U. cares about its people and products - couldn’t find a better “Gang” to get into.
Verna, a hobbyist (collector)"

Carole said 
"I love being on Frenchie’s team. Not only do we learn from her expertise but our team is like a family, truly caring and sharing with each other. She is THE best team leader! "

Char said 
"France is the most supporting upline. She is always available to help with any problem. She creates an atmosphere that incentivizes me to step out of my comfort zone. She rewards her Team generously. She keeps contact with her nation-wide team effectively through her monthly online meetings. The best move I made with my Stampin’ Up career was to change to France as my upline. There were losses but it was MORE than worth it."

Lynne said 
"I love this team! Love the discount!
It’s like having a family all over the country."

And I say "I have the best job out there to work/play with my Amazing Stamping Family............ Life is short and taking time to enjoy what you do is important well I sure enjoy what I do" 
 Hope to welcome YOU one day. 
Blessing to you all!


  1. Hi Frenchie, Is shipping to me as a demo, if I was to join, always free or just that first order? Also, does the price of $99 count towards your first quarter quota of $300. thank you, Debbie

  2. Hi love your great tutorials. Yes I do buy a lot of stampin up products but look forward to your daily input keeps me motivated and someone else gets the sales so was just wondering as I live in Australia i am guessing that rules me out of being on your team. Please keep up the great things you do. Regards laurel

  3. Your team is fabulous. Even using the same card design, same products, each card is unique. Creativity is amazing.


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