Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What's your pick?

Hi Stamper,
Today I'm sharing 2 cards with you but I need your opinion please. I'm trying to design my cards to put in my Luggage Box on the right side here but I want only one masculine and 2 will be more feminine so tomorrow you will pick the feminine one.:) So you work today, if you feel like it can you leave me a comment and tell me your pick #1 or #2. Thank you all for your support and yes I will tell you what will be the result.
#1 is the top one and # 2 the bottom one (turtle).
PS I need to keep those color to go with the luggage.


  1. Hi! Bonne journée! I like both of them. If I have to choose, I will take the one with the bird.

  2. Both are beautiful but I like the bottom one with the bird best.

  3. My vote is the pheasant. Great Job as usual!

  4. Although I prefer the turtle stamp to the bird, I like the bird card better. :) Both are lovely!

    Elin K.

  5. I like the pheasant one the best.


  6. I like the turtle one better.

  7. wow everyone likes the pheasant, but I agree with Steph, I prefer the turtle

  8. I'm with the majority--the pheasant.

    Cindy B.


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